Workplace assignment – flower stall

Brief – take a portrait picture of someone in the workplace and another picture of them working then write a short story, optional as to whether the story is fiction or non-fiction.

Flower stall

This lady, Norma was inspired to create bouquets from a
television programme that she watched as a young adult called ‘In Bloom.’

At first Norma started off small through advertising her
flower arranging skills in newspapers and magazines. Her first job was a huge
wedding in Greece where she arranged all of her flowers according to the brides
taste. From there, Norma became a great success.

Currently she works as a freelance flower arranger for
occasions such as weddings, funerals and anniversaries. At the same time she
owns her own stall in Trinity market place ironically called ‘In Bloom’.

When I approached Norma at her flower stall she appeared
very polite and friendly which reflected her delicate interest in flowers.
Helpingly agreeing to let me photograph her she shared her heart filled moments
about her past.

“My mother was a flower arranger for occasions like myself.
She had a rather big obsession with the royal family and once designed the
flowers for the queen of England’s wedding. Personally, I have never been too
interested with the royal family but I think that it’s great that my mother
achieved one of her many life aspirations.”

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Norma opened ‘In bloom’
flower shop in 2002 which was one of her own personal aspirations that she had
achieved with no help but her own. She works with her niece Kathy and opens 9-6
on week days and even Saturdays. “I can’t help but make sure that the flower
stall is open for business on a regular basis I just enjoy it as much as a
young person enjoys watching the television.”


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