first person – The Humber bridge

In 1928 a proposal was produced by Hull City Council. The idea was to create a bridge that ran from Hessle to Barton. In 1959 the Council was granted approval to construct the bridge. In 1973 the construction began. After eight years the bridge was finally complete and people were able to drive across it and walk across it. The bridge created many jobs and many a debt. But, the convenience of having the bridge over ruled the debt it came with.

The bridge is an excellent idea. It’s amazing to be able to visit my family, shop and socialize in Barton. The connection from the South bank to the North bank has opened so many doors. Instead of using the ferry or having to drive the long way around to your destination you can use the bridge. In my opinion it’s very well-situated however, the price makes myself and others think twice about using the bridge.

Recently, the prices to cross the Humber Bridge have rocketed. The prices currently stand at £1.30 for motorbikes and £3.00 for cars. Quite clearly these prices have outraged road users. The extortionate prices could jeopardise the payment of the debt as less and less people will want to participate in using it.

For bridge users such as my father the ludicrous prices massively affect his wages. As a teacher, he crosses the bridge twice a day. That’s £6.00 per day and £30.00 per week. Not only does this upset me and my father it affects everybody that uses the Humber bridge. Surely, there is more than just me and my dad who use the bridge often.

As it stands there quite clearly was no alternative but to increase the toll prices to cross the bridge because of the amount of debt. However, entrepreneur and local business man Malcolm Scott wants to purchase the Humber Bridge’s £330 million pound debt for the price of £100 million. This idea however bizarre is in aid to decrease the toll prices by 50% in order to gain more road users using the bridge. This idea will apparently be more sufficient and convenient for the debt and road users. However, up against North Lincolnshire council this is going to be a tough decision to make for the Hull City Council. North Lincolnshire Council also shares the same ambitions as Mr. Scott. Therefore,   the toll prices could be cut to as much as half price by late 2012, fantastic news for the Humber bridge users.

Although the Humber Bridge has done a lot for the community by joining both banks together it is becoming less used. As a person who is extremely fond of using the bridge I cannot afford to pay those prices as much as I do. Therefore, something like the new proposals from Mr. Scott and the North Lincolnshire Council need to come into action as soon as possible. In my opinion it is a revolutionary idea and will help so many people including myself. The Humber Bridge will be what it was once more.

In conclusion, it appears that the Humber bridge toll prices are inevitably going to decrease. If this new proposal for the debt succeeds then it will cost me, my dad and many others £3.00 per day and £15.00 per week to travel across it. I suppose resulting in the debt being paid quicker like suggested, I definitely think that more people will use it from then onwards.


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